Xojo™ modules

nocturnal coding monkeys has released several Xojo modules.


the Readability (module) has the methods to determine the readability of a given string (of text). All the methods are extensions to the string class (old Xojo framework) or text (new Xojo framework). it also includes all the methods to do all the counts that the various Scores/Indexes need to do. that way those counts can be used in other programs.

here is a list of some of the readability scores:
Coleman Liau Index
Flesh Kincaid
Gunning Fog

license: BSD 2 clause



the extends_NCM modules are extensions to some of the native Xojo classes. these were written over the past decade of using Xojo/REALBasic and are just collected in one place for ease of use.

• string (old framework)
• text (new framework)
• date (old framework)
• integer (old framework)
• others....

license: BSD 2 clause


Xojo Colors

Xojo Colors is a Xojo module that has many colors defined within constants. these constants can be used within your application to make sure you consistently use a color scheme. it prevents the need to hand code all the colors.

here is a list of some of the included color pallets.
HTML safe
Ralph Lauren Paints

license: MIT



the dummyText_NCM module is designed to generate various Lorem Ipsum style text. you can either generate words, sentences or paragraphs. below is a list of the dummy texts we can generate. more to come soon(tm).

• Lorem Ipsum
• Meats

note: this is also available as a class.

license: BSD 2 clause


We have moved all the abandoned code to its own page.