Press Release

January 18, 2018 - Atlanta Georgia
Website moved to AloeExpress and Digital Ocean

nocturnal coding monkeys, llc has migrated their website to Digital Ocean Droplet running Ubuntu and AloeExpress. using AloeExpress allows us to make a high performance, low latency website. including making dynamic changes on the fly.

we chose a Digital Ocean Droplet to be our hosting platform. Droplets give us high availability at a reasonable price. giving us the ability to spin up and down extra servers in minutes.

we look forward to using AloeExpress on Digital Ocean Droplets for more projects in the future.

About nocturnal coding monkeys, llc
nocturnal coding monkeys founded in 2010. They offer Xojo development and consulting services with clients of all sizes. They also have some commercial off the self apps for sale. For more information, visit

About Tim Dietrich (AloeExpress)
I've been developing software since 1987, started developing with FileMaker in 1992, and became an independent FileMaker developer in 2008. Since then, I've had the opportunity to work on projects for several amazing clients, including the Library of Congress, Siemens, and the University of Virginia, and many more.

I stopped developing FileMaker solutions back in 2015. However, since then I've continued to help clients integrate FileMaker with other technologies - including other database platforms, Web publishing systems, and many more.

About DigitalOcean
Founded in 2011, DigitalOcean is a cloud platform focused on simplifying the complexities of infrastructure for software developers. DigitalOcean has become the second largest and fastest growing cloud computing platform in the total number of public facing apps and websites, according to The company has raised $123 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Access Industries, IA Ventures, CrunchFund, and Techstars. The company is headquartered in New York City with data center regions throughout the world. For more information, simply visit or follow @digitalocean.

About Xojo
Xojo, Inc. was founded with the idea that software development should be accessible to anyone. With traditional tools, creating software applications can be a very complicated process, but using Xojo anyone can learn to create high quality, native apps for the web, OS X, Windows, Linux, and soon, mobile as well. With users all over the world, Xojo apps can be found in every conceivable category -- from commercial software applications to use in governments, universities, businesses, and the Fortune 500. Secondary-level and college students in schools all over the world are introduced to programming with Xojo. For more information, visit